Importing Properties

Property lists in Excel spreadsheets can be easily imported into SSTK using the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin Settings
  2. Click on Import Property
  3. Click on Browse, search and select the excel file(.xlsx) to import  
  4. Click Next
  5. Map the data by selecting the column heading (displayed on the left) and the matching field in SSTK (on the right). Note; if you make a mistake click the associated ‘x’ in the Fields Mapped section below
  6. Click on Next
  7. The file will validate in this step and the results will populate in the table. For any row with an YELLOW error, this means that the row is missing information, however, the row will still import without that information. For any row with a RED error, means that there is something wrong with the information in the excel. This row will not import, the excel will need to be updated. 
  8. Select one of the following options; 
    • Importing new records only
    • Importing new records and/or updating existing records
  9. Click on Import
  10. The final page will show the results of the import. Details will include:
    • How many records were in the excel
    • How many records successfully imported
    • How many records existed and were updated
    • How many records did not import
    • List of the records that did not import (if any)