Once you have data in Simply Stakeholders, you have the capability to export this data out of Darzin into an excel spreadsheet. To do so, log into Simply Stakeholders and select the 'Search' option at the top of Simply Stakeholders, which will bring up the option for stakeholders or interactions. Select the record type you're looking to export.

  1. Select any filters you wish to use to clarify the search

  2. Once you are ready, click the green search button, which will generate a list for you in Simply Stakeholders matching those filters you selected

3. Next to the search button, you will find the 'export' button. Select this option and;

  • An Excel spreadsheet will be created in your internet downloads.

  • Click on this document once it’s finished downloading, and it will have the data you exported from Simply Stakeholders.

This is a great feature in Simply Stakeholders to export any data you have saved in the database.

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