Tags should be assigned to a relevant category to give you a more accurate Dashboard. Assigning tags will naturally become easier as Simply stakeholder has a machine learning algorithm set in place that will study your tagging patterns. You will find that over time; tags will be automatically placed in the correct categories saving you on time and effort.

Check out a quick Demo below on How to create Categories and Assign Tags

or read on for text-based instructions

Note*: Click here to find out how you can generate Tags!

To assign your tags to a category - go to Admin page > Assign Manual Tags.

You can assign tags to one category that you have created for your project.

  1. Select a category you want to assign tags to (make sure the box is "tick")

  2. Start organising tags by selecting the box next to the tag.

  3. Scroll down to review your selection at the bottom before you click 'save'

This will do two things:

1. Update the report chart on the Dashboard page.

2. Automatically tag the same word/phrase when you use it again in the Sentiment Analysis.

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