Stakeholder lists in Excel spreadsheets can be easily imported into SSTK using the following steps:

  1. From the Navigation bar (on the top right) select Admin > Setup > Import Stakeholders.

  2. Click Browse to search and select your file (.xlsx) then click Next.

  3. Map your data by selecting a column heading (displayed on the left) from your file and the matching field in SSTK (on the right). Don’t worry if you make a mistake or change your mind as simply clicking the associated ‘x’ in the Fields Mapped table at the bottom will remove the mapping. When you are ready, click next.

  4. A Validation summary of the records will be displayed and missing information will be highlighted.

  5. Clicking the Import button will complete the import and provide an action summary.

Note: Only the information in the first sheet (tab) of your Excel file can be imported. To import information on other sheets, either:

  1. Move the sheet containing the information you want to import to the first tab position OR

  2. Save the required sheet into a new file.

We have made some improvement to the Simply Stakeholders import system! Check out the quick demo video below!

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