Note: The import function can also be used to link large groups of existing stakeholders to other Contact groups without duplicating your stakeholder records.

  1. Your spreadsheet needs to have a column labelled “contact group”

  2. Fill this column with the contact group name that you want the stakeholder to be linked to.  

  3. During the import process, map the “contact group” column in the “From your file” list to “Contact Group” in the “To SimplyStakeholders” list. 

Repeat this process for every contact group you want your stakeholder linked to.

TIPS: 1) The “Contact Group” name does not need to exist in SSTK before you import, as it will be created as part of the import process.  
2) Be careful to avoid spelling differences for your contact groups as these will be created separately e.g. “Local Government”, “Local government” and “Local Govt” will be created as separate contact groups.

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