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Simply Stakeholders uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess the sentiment of an interaction.

TIPS: 1) Make sure you enter all your content in before running analysis 2) You get two attempts at analysis for each interaction - that is, the analyse button will work twice for an interaction.

  1. Enter all of your interaction text into the Message box in the interaction record and click Save

  2. The Sentiment Analysis and Auto Tagging functions are now visible

  3. Click on Analyse

  4. The system will return a rating for the content in your Message box – this is displayed as a percentage. (Note: a low percent represents a negative article). The system uses natural language processing to make an assessment of the interaction content. But it doesn’t always get it right as it can’t pick up nuance, irony etc quite as well as a human can!

  5. You can edit the rating – E.g. if it returns a neutral rating of 50%, but you assess it to actually be a fairly negative interaction, simply type over the 50% and make it 40%.

  6. Save

  7. This will be reflected back onto the dashboard.

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