If you'd like to use the SMS function to send individual text messages or emails to stakeholders directly from within Simply Stakeholders, you need to first set up an account with ClickSend. You purchase credits for your account (this is a transaction between you and ClickSend, Simply Stakeholders does not charge any fee or take any commission on this). 

Follow these steps to send us the relevant information so we can connect your ClickSend account with your Simply Stakeholders account:

  1. Open the ClickSend Dashboard (https://dashboard.clicksend.com/)

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Developers > API Credentials

  3. Click“Add new Sub account”

  4. Enter the required details (I recommend calling it something like “Simply Stakeholders SMS”)

  5. Ensure everything in the “Permissions” section is unchecked

  6. Uncheck everything in the “Product Permissions” section except “Access SMS”Ensure“Share Campaigns” is unchecked

  7. Save the Subaccount 

  8. Copy the Username and API key of the Subaccount and send them to us at [email protected]

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