Watch the demo of how we used the Email Plug-in below or keep reading for a text guide.

Getting started

Start by adding the Simply Stakeholders Add-in to your Outlook account
Click on the Get Add-ins icon in your Outlook menu bar

Search for Simply Stakeholders and click on Add. When you return to Outlook you should now see a Simply Stakeholders icon in your menu bar.

Click on the Simply Stakeholders icon to login to your Simply Stakeholders account.
Select the region your data is hosted, then use your usual login credentials to login and authorize the Add-in to connect to your Simply Stakeholders account.

Saving a stakeholder and email

  1. Select an email in your Inbox or Sent items box that you would like to save to Simply Stakeholders. Click on the Simply Stakeholders Add-in icon at the top.

  2. The dialog box opens on the right. You first need to select if you intend to automatically save all future emails to and from this person or organisation to Simply Stakeholder, or just this individual email.

3. The dialog box will now display information from the recipient as picked up from their email signature. You can edit these details and add in additional information. If this is the first time you're saving an email from this stakeholder, make sure you try and add in as much detail as you can, including contact group. If you know they are already in the system, don't add in additional information as the information you add will override current details in Simply Stakeholders. You will have saved this email as an interaction

4. Once you click on save, the add-in will search Simply Stakeholders to see if the stakeholder already exists. If they exist in Simply Stakeholders, this email will be attached to their record. If they don't exist, a stakeholder will be created and this email will be attached to that record.

Saving Meetings from your Calendar

You can use the add-in to save items from your Outlook Calendar to Simply Stakeholders.

  1. Open an existing calendar event or create a new one.

  2. You will see the Simply Stakeholders icon in the menu bar

3. Click on the Simply Stakeholders icon to save this record in Simply Stakeholders.
4. Choose if you want to save just this event or all future events with the linked email addresses automatically into Simply Stakeholders.

5. Select the contact group you wish to save this event into.
6. Note that the add-in will also save all linked stakeholders against the event, including your details. If you do not wish to save any of the linked people to Simply Stakeholders and this record, use the check box to untick their record from being saved.

7. Click on Save.

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