Watch a quick video on all things custom fields or read on for a test guide.

We have just improved our software with the latest update to Simply Stakeholders. One of the big functionality improvement is the addition of the Custom Fields. You can now set up additional fields to track important information on your stakeholders or interactions record.

It's super simple to use and set up in 2 easy steps below.

Step 1

Go to the Admin page >> Custom fields

Note*: You will need to have an Administrator role to access the Admin Page

Step 2

Click on the (+) icon to create your new custom field. There are 4 details you need to consider for your custom field.

  • Custom Field Name - This is the name that will be displayed on the 'Add new stakeholder/ interaction' page

  • Category - Select whether you would like to make a new 'stakeholder' or 'interaction' custom field

  • Type - Select the answer type you would like the custom field to have
    - Open Text - any character can be entered
    - Drop-Down List - pre-filled answer options for your end-users to select from a drop-down field
    - Multi-Tick box - pre-filled answer options for end-users to select from multiple tick-boxes
    - Tick-Box with Text - the combination of both Multi Tick-Box & Open Text

  • Active - you can change the status of the custom fields to inactive to block data entry

Once the 4 fields have been filled, remember to click 'Save'

As you can see, it is super easy to set up yet very effective to track additional details for both stakeholders and interactions. Here are some extra notes on custom fields.

  • There is no limit on the custom fields you can make but keep in mind that the 'add new' page will be extended with extra details for end-users to fill out.

  • Currently, you can not search using custom field filters, but there are already plans for us to bring this out shortly!

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