Group Mail allows you to send any communications straight from your account to your stakeholders. This can be anything from e-newsletters, project updates, event invitations, marketing ad campaigns, etc. The email also comes with a built-in 'unsubscribe' option that automatically allows stakeholders to opt-out of communications. At the same time, also keep tracks of your RSVP in the Dashboard companion widgets.

Note*: You will need a SendGrid account (3rd party customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email software) and API Key in order to use the Groupmail Functionality.

The API key can be integrated into your account via the Admin setting.

How to create a Group Mail

Step 1. Select the Group Mail Button in the Menu Bar

Step 2. Select the + icon to create a new group mail

Step 3. Fill out the group mail name, email of the sender and subject. Write and customise your message using the format tool.

Note*: Tick the "add Invitation Button" box if you'd like to enable the RSVP functionality in your communication to include an option for your stakeholders to "Accept " or "Decline" your invite.

Step 4. Select the contact groups that you'd like to send the group mail to.

* If a stakeholder does not have an email address or has unsubscribed, they will not be sent the group mail.

Step 5. The final step is to send the email or save the email for later use.

Once the group mail is sent, you'd be able to view its history below. You can see all the contacts the email has been sent to, including the stakeholder invitation status. You also have the option to export the total stakeholder list.

Dashboard Widget

You can manage and view all group mails' history within the dashboard widget "Group Mail Invitations for Date Range".

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