In Simply Stakeholders if you have multi-project in your account, you can share a stakeholder record to other projects.

Sharing an individual stakeholder record will share:

  • Linked files

  • Stakeholder details

  • Custom Fields (only if Custom Fields are shared across projects)

  • About section

Sharing an organisational stakeholder will share the above, but additionally it will show the associated individual stakeholders as well. The individual stakeholders will need to be shared separately in order to be viewable in another project.

Note: Stakeholder Mapping values are not shared across projects, as the stakeholder is likely to have a different value depending on the project. In the All Projects Mode (Read Only) project, the values set for the stakeholder across the projects can be seen together.

To share a stakeholder, when on the Create New or Edit page, scroll down in the Details tab, and below Custom Field is the section to select the projects you want to share the stakeholder to.

Note: Stakeholders created in a particular project cannot be unshared from that project, as the project it is created in is the "owner" of that stakeholder.

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