Task in Simply Stakeholders is easy to use and helps you stay organised and on top of your priorities with your stakeholders.

With Tasks, you can:

  • Create and delete tasks

  • Assign tasks to other team members

  • Designate priority to tasks

  • Keep notes relevant to the task

  • Link files & attachments

  • Link stakeholders

  • Clone tasks

To create a task, head on over to Tasks and click on the plus sign button on the left-hand side.

Fill out all the relevant information as you need, link stakeholders, write your notes and link files.

Once a task is saved, you will see the option to Delete and Clone.

And that's it! You can start organising, assigning, and creating tasks to help you manage your priorities and engagement with stakeholders better.

Note: The Task Management system will be rolled out in stages so you can expect more functionality soon!

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