Okta SSO

Supported Features

Single Sign On (OpenID Connect) initiated via Simply Stakeholders


Okta SSO must be enabled for your account

Configuration Steps

Set up Okta integration from App Catalog (Coming Soon)

  1. Go to Okta admin site
  2. Go to Applications page
  3. Click "Browse App Catalog"
  4. Search for the "Simply Stakeholders" application and add it
  5. Add an Application label and click "Done"
  6. Go to the "Sign On" tab for the application and click "Edit"
  7. For the "Region" field, enter your Region; e.g. au or us
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Go to the "Okta API Scopes" tab and grant the okta.users.read scope

Set up Okta integration manually

If it's not possible to use the App Catalog, you can set up the application manually:

  1. Go to Okta admin site
  2. Go to Applications page
  3. Click "Create App Integration"
  4. Under "Sign-in method", select "OIDC - OpenID Connect"
  5. Under "Application type", select "Web Application"
  6. Click "Next"
  7. For "App integration name", enter "Simply Stakeholders - Manual"
  8. For "Sign-in redirect URIs", enter https://<region>-oauth.simplystakeholders.com/SimplyStakeholders/ExternalAuthenticationCallback/Okta where <region> is au, uk, us, eu or ca depending on your Region.
  9. For "Sign-out redirect URIs", remove the value
  10. Under "Assignments", select the appropriate assignment type
  11. Under "Okta API Scopes", grant the okta.users.read scope
  12. Click "Save"

Gather information from Okta

  1. In the Okta admin page, click on the Simply Stakeholders application and then navigate to the Sign On tab
  2. Copy the values of Client ID and Client Secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility)
  3. Click on your username in the top-right of the page and copy your Okta Org URL from the popup that appears

Add information to Simply Stakeholders

  1. Log into Simply Stakeholders using your username/password
  2. Go to Admin (cog wheel icon button) > Account > SSO
  3. Enter the Okta Org URL with "https://" in front of it
  4. Enter the Client ID/Secret of the application
  5. Click "Save"

Link initial Okta account

  1. On the SSO page, click the "Sign in with Okta" button
  2. Log into your Okta account if necessary
  3. You will be redirected to a page saying that your account was linked successfully

Link other Okta accounts

To link Okta accounts for other users, you must be signed in with Okta SSO and have an admin role with "View users and their details" permission in Okta.

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Roles > Users
  2. Click the + button to add a user
  3. Enter the User Login Name, User Display Name, Email and Mobile No. fields
  4. Enter the Okta Username field
  5. Click "Save"

Log in with Okta SSO

  1. Click the "Sign in with Okta" button on the login page
  2. Enter your client code
  3. Click "Sign In"
  4. Log into your Okta account if necessary
  5. You will be redirected back to the application