Reporting using Advanced Filters

You can use saved filters from your interactions module to assist you to build more complex and targeted reports using advanced filters.

Creating an advanced filter

  1. Click on Interactions* > Filters
  2. Select your filters > for example Communication Details > Communication method > Form Response + Tags > Tags > Community Information Session  then click on Save applied filter
  3. Choose a name for your saved filter - for example Form Responses Community Information Session
  4. Now you have a saved advanced filter.

* NOTE: You can create saved filters in other functions, such as Stakeholder or Task, as well.

Creating a Report using your advanced filters

  1. Click on Create+ > Report OR go to a pre-existing report to edit
  2. Follow the instructions in Build your own Report
  3. To build your own widget using Advanced Filters;
    • Click on 'Create New'
    • Add in a widget title
    • Choose your record type from; Stakeholder, Interaction, Task
    • Scroll down to Advanced Options and then Select saved filter
    • Select the Chart type to show the data 
    • A preview of the widget will show at the bottom of the side-draw
    • Click on 'Add to dashboard'
      NOTE: if you cannot add your widget you may need to choose a different chart type or refine your filters to display your data correctly.
  4. Add a note to the report to give additional information on the charts, or relative information relating to your project. 
  5. The report can be emailed or printed via the icons in the top right hand corner of the page