Adding a Stakeholder

  1. Click on + Create > Stakeholder
  2. Add the required field details;
    • Type - Individual or Organisation
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Email and Mobile Number
    • Organisation and Position
    • Contact Group
    • Any Custom Fields if they have been set to show on the Display on add page
    • Select the '+' Add More button to add in the following details
    • Address
    • Relationship Manager
    • Mapping Fields
    • Link Interactions
    • Tag
  3. Click on Save & Exit. The record has been saved. 
  4. Or, Click on Save & Continue. The stakeholder record will open where additional details can be added.
  5. First, enter the stakeholder mapping values;
    • Interest -  The level of interest this stakeholder has with the project (Think of “interest” in more of a legal sense of a right to be involved or consulted).
    • Influence - The level of influence on a project, depending on their ability to impact the process and outcomes.
    • Impact - The level of impact the project will have on this stakeholder
    • Effort - How much effort would be needed to improve the relationship with the stakeholder
    • Position - The position of the stakeholder towards the project
    • Criticality - How critical is this stakeholder to the success of the project
  6. In the Summary tab:
    • Timeline - Link any interactions or tasks 
    • Tagging - Assign the Tag/s connected to this stakeholder
    • Relationships - Link the relevant Organisations or Individuals and define the relationship they have 
  7. In the Details tab:
    • Additional Contact Details such as address, phone number, email or social media. 
    • Assign a Contact Group
    • Additional information or an alert in Notes
    • Assign a Relationship Manager
    • Upload any Files