In stakeholder management a key driver to ensuring smooth and positive communication is ensuring that you track and manage commitments you make to your stakeholders. Inadequate commitment handling can lead to damaged relationships and reputations. If delivery takes too long or a commitment is forgotten, it can delay a project and raise stakeholder management costs, or breach contracts or other agreements in place. With Simply Stakeholders, you can use the commitments interaction to log and track them. Some commitments go through several stages and are handled by several people before they are delivered. There may be interim milestones or stages to the delivery of the commitment. As such, it is important to be transparent about the stages and delivery results of each process while communicating with the stakeholder.
  1. Click on + Create > Interaction 
  2. Select Interaction type > Commitment
  3. Add the required field details; 
    • Subject 
    • Communication Method 
    • Date and Time 
    • Confidentiality (if required) 
    • Priority 
    • Assigned to 
    • Due date 
    • Message 
  4. Click on:
    •  + Show more - the Commitment pop-up will expand to show additional fields to add, link to or create new:
      • Tags
      • Task
      • Interaction
      • Stakeholder; or
    • Save & Exit. The record has been saved; or
    • Save & Continue. The Commitment record will open where additional details can be added. 
  5. In the Annotations card, click on Generate Tags to automatically highlight key topics for the interaction 
  6. Select the relevant Tags and click Approve 
  7. Click on the approved Tags then +Add Sentiment and link related stakeholders, or xRemove
  8. Click on the Sentiment score chart  
  9. Click on Generate to set the AI Sentiment score and input the User rating  
  10. Click on Save 
  11. In the Details tab enter: 
    1. Additional information or an alert in the Message classification card
    2. Enter a location address if relevant
    3. In the Notification card you can add in users or external email addresses to receive notifications on this Commitment
  12. Link the Stakeholder/s 
  13. Link the Property/ies 
  14. Manually manage Tags 
  15. Upload any Files 
  16. Assign an Interaction Manager 

Your Commitment will show in your interactions list highlighted in blue:

The core plan does not include Commitments, if you are interested in managing Commitments please reach out to Customer Success at Please note that Commitments is included as part of the Complaints module.