Tags can vary from keywords to phrases or topics that relate to your project. The purpose of tagging is to identify the emerging themes, topics, or issues within your engagement with stakeholders. Tags allow for an effective analysis of the data when reporting on issues and trends. The practice of tagging provides you and your team with quick and insightful information about stakeholders, topics, and trends.

Tags are customizable and can be setup by an Administrator in the Admin function of Simply Stakeholders.  They are designed in a tree like structure so that similar themes, topics or issues can be grouped and categorized. Please refer to the article Manage Tags to customize and setup Tags.

Tags can be assigned to the following record types;

  • Stakeholders
  • Interactions
  • Tasks
  • Properties
  • They can also be used on questions within forms

How to assign a Tag 

  1. Open the record
  2. Navigate to the Tagging card
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Select the relevant Tag/s or click on + Add new tags to create a new one
  5. The Tag has now been assigned to the record