Troubleshooting the Autosave functionality in the Outlook Add-in

If you come across issues with Add-in please see follow steps below to resolve.

When you save an email with "Auto save future emails to/from this address" selected, the add-in should automatically save all inbound/outbound emails from/to that address that were received or sent after the initial email. It won't automatically save any emails before that, and it will only run the autosave while the add-in is open.

If that's not the case, please follow the instructions below to get the request/console logs from the add-in and send them to 

Step 1 - Prepare to reproduce the issue:

  • Open the add-in for an arbitrary email and log out of it
  • Identify one of the addresses with the autosave issue and remove the autosave contact for it
  • Find the oldest email to/from this address that you want to save to Simply Stakeholders and isn't already saved and open the add-in for it, but don't log in yet

Step 2 - Open the developer tools for the add-in:

  • If Outlook is using the newer Edge Chromium WebView, you should be able to focus the add-in and press F12 (or Fn + F12 on some laptops) to open the developer tools.
  • If Outlook is using the older EdgeHTML WebView:
  • Open the add-in in Outlook
  • Run the Edge DevTools
  • In the window that opens, select "Darzin Software"

Step 3 - With the developer tools open:

  • Log into the add-in again
  • Save the email with "Auto save future emails to/from this address" selected
  • Wait for 15 minutes with the add-in open to allow it to run the next autosave
  • In the developer tools, open the Console tab
  • Right click on a message in this tab, select "Save as..." and save the file
    • If there's no "Save as..." option, copy all the content in this tab and save it to a text file
  • Open the Network tab
  • Click the "Export HAR..." or "Export as HAR" button (this will look like a Save or Download icon) and save the file

Once saved, please send an email to with the files attached, and we will investigate the issue further.