Integrating Simply Stakeholders with other systems is super easy! Do it yourself or use our standard zaps that integrate with Mailchimp, Twitter or social medias. You need to set up a Zapier account. A free account would probably suffice, depending on the amount of data you expect to receive via these integrations. Simply Stakeholders Zapier app is publicly available, once you've set up your Zapier account, you will be able to see Simply Stakeholder app in the Zapier app library.

Connecting to Zapier

Please follow these steps to connect your Simply Stakeholders account to Zapier when creating a new zap;

  1. From the App event dropdown, select the Simply Stakeholders (1.3.3) app
  2. Select the Event - either a New Interaction, New Contact Group or New Stakeholder

    Image displays list of Events
  3. Choose an account by clicking on the dropdown and selecting + Connect a new account

    Image displays dropdown in Zapier

    Image displays '+ Connect a new account' button in Zapier
  4. In the pop-up box, select the 'Region' of your Simply Stakeholders account. Note: The region is where your data is hosted on our servers, not your physical location. It can be found by looking at the prefix in your URL (au. / uk. / us. / eu. / ca. ) when logging into the Simply Stakeholders software.

    Image displays 'Region' selection 

    Image displays 'Region' selection dropdown menu
  5. Next, login to Simply Stakeholders with your credentials or SSO
  6. Select the Project you wish to connect from the dropdown list, and click Authorise

    Image displays Simply Stakeholders login

    Image displays 'Project' selection dropdown
  7. The Simply Stakeholders account has been connected to Zapier, you can continue with your Zap! 

    Image displays Simply Stakeholders account connection in Zapier