Adding an Interaction

  1. Click on + Create > Interaction
  2. Add the required field details;
    • Subject
    • Type
    • Date and Time
    • Confidentiality (if required)
    • Message
  3. Click on Save & Exit. The record has been saved. 
  4. Or, Click on Save & Continue. The interaction record will open where additional details can be added.
  5. In the Annotations card, click on Generate Tags to automatically highlight key topics for the interaction
  6. Select the relevant Tags and click Approve
  7. Click on the Sentiment score chart 
  8. Click on Generate to set the AI Sentiment score and input the User rating 
  9. Click on Save
  10. In the Details tab enter:
    • Additional information or an alert in the Message classification card
    • Assign the Owner
    • Link the Stakeholder/s
    • Manually manage Tags
    • Upload any Files
    • Assign a Interaction Manager