Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder mapping is an important tool for stakeholder professionals and project managers as it allows them to analyze stakeholders, develop stakeholder management plans, and engage with stakeholders more effectively.

Our preferred method of stakeholder mapping is based on 6 attributes:

  • Interest -  The level of interest this stakeholder has with the project (Think of “interest” in more of a legal sense of a right to be involved or consulted.)
  • Influence - The level of influence on a project, depending on their ability to impact the process and outcomes.
  • Impact - The level of impact the project will have on this stakeholder
  • Effort - How much effort would be needed to improve the relationship with the stakeholder
  • Position - The current sentiment towards the project
  • Criticality - How critical is this stakeholder to the success of the project

Each stakeholder should be mapped for each attribute, the scale used for mapping values is very low to very high or negative to positive. These attributes will be visually mapped on pie graphs, stacked bar graphs, or scatter plots.

To map Stakeholders;

  1. From the Stakeholder page, choose your Stakeholder and go to the 'Details' tab

  2. Set the Initial score. This score will remain in the initial position, and is not able to be updated. 
  3. Add/update the 6 attributes by using your mouse to move the toggle along the bar in the Stakeholder Mapping card
  4. It will automatically update the Spider chart and save

The chart will display the initial score as well as the current score, allowing the Relationship Manager or Users to analyze and monitor the the criticality of engagement with this stakeholder in moving them to a more positive position. Update the mapping as often as necessary.

Please note: The 6 attributes can be changed to suit your stakeholder needs. This needs to be done by an Administrator from the Admin settings.