Adding sentiment to your interactions will help you track what interactions are going well, or not, that you can later pull the data and report on.

There are 3 types of sentiment that can be added to an interaction:

  1. AI generated - Can be reported on and seen on the dashboard 
  2. User Sentiment - Can be reported on and seen on the dashboard
  3. Annotation Sentiment - Can be reported on, seen on the dashboard, and is used to show the relationship health score of a Stakeholder

To see how to add the sentiment scores, please see the video below:

Sentiment Dashboard widget: Use the highlighted dropdown to change what type of Sentiment you are viewing

Reporting on Sentiment:

Go to 'Filter' on an interaction record


Select 'Sentiment' 

Use the toggle to search for any/all of the sentiment types

Based on your search filters, the list of interactions will show in a list view for you to see or export.