Recent Updates to Simply Stakeholders

To ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of Simply Stakeholders, please follow these instructions


Release v2.1.20 - 2024-02-12


  • Stakeholder mapping now available in 'All-projects mode': Users can view the mapping of a stakeholder across all the projects they are involved in.
  • Sub filters have been included to enable users to select more than one data point while reporting


  • Fixed 'System error' pop up when selecting a confidential record for a Role
  • Interactions no longer being duplicated when using the BCC email address
  • Email Notifications are now being sent after a complaint has been closed
  • Blank card on a stakeholder record is no longer being displayed for accounts with Properties turned off
  • Stakeholder Import is now working on the US server
  • EU clients able to login again


Release v2.1.19 2024-01-29


  • Outlook: You are now able to manage tags, interaction type & confidentiality directly from the add in. Refer to article here
  • Import properties: You are now able to 'Import Properties' from the Admin Settings menu. Refer to the help notes here


  • Admin settings: 'Manage Tags' Please refer to the help notes here 
  • Stakeholder name now displays when hovering over the initials on the search page
  • Stakeholder Search Filter: First Name and Last Name fields are included 
  • Added Duplicate check window on create pop up page: Duplicate records will now be shared from other projects when creating a Stakeholder record


  • Stakeholder - Error pop up when opening stakeholder record has been fixed
  • Interaction - Notes are now saving properly
  • Properties - Uploaded KMZ files are now being displayed on the map and can be shared with other projects
  • Dashboard: Fixed the 'page unresponsiveness' pop up 
  • Contact group can be used as an interaction filter
  • Contact groups can now be selected/de-selected for SMS interactions
  • Custom fields in Stakeholder records on the "Contact Groups" card now display correctly
  • Search pages: when coming back to the search page after navigating to edit pages, page and items per page are now retained
  • Fixed inconsistencies in users typing in the annotation card
  • Stakeholder Mapping has been updated in the 'Create Stakeholder' Popup
  • Projects can now be viewed/hidden based on confidentiality level