1. Click on + Create > Task
  2. Add the required field details;
    • Type - Subject 
    • Priority - Low, Medium & High
    • Assignee - A user
    • Status - To Do, In Progress, Done and Cancelled 
    • Task Board 
    • Date Opened - created date 
    • Date Due 
    • Add description of the task 
  3. Click on Save & Exit. The record has been saved. 
  4. Or, Click on Save & Continue. The stakeholder record will open where additional details can be added.
  5. In the Summary tab:
    • Comments - Add additional comments that are not covered in the initial message 
    • Timeline - Link any interactions
    • Tagging - Assign the Tag/s connected to this stakeholder
    • Files- Add any files that are linked to the Task
    • Notifications - Add additional users to the Task 
  6. In the Details tab:
    • Stakeholder - Link the Stakeholder 
    • Assign a Project 
  7. Click on the Tasks Tab to view all Tasks and Status
    • You can look at the list view and see the current status of the Task 
    • You can switch to Kanban view and you can drag the tasks from one status to another