Build your own Report

Create your own dashboard style report as a way to present the data held in Simply Stakeholders. This feature allows you to build charts and widgets from different record types or Saved filters, as well as being able to use the embedded dashboard widgets.

Creating a Report

  1. Click on Create+ > Report
  2. Add the title and a short description (optional)
  3. Set the required Date Range. Note; this page is dynamic, meaning that the information will update regularly based on new information in the system. If you select Last Month, the report will always show the details for the previous month
  4. Click on 'Add a widget', the side-draw will appear on the right hand side 
  5. To select a widget from the embedded Dashboard widgets
    • Choose your report type from; All, Stakeholder, Interaction, Task 
    • Select one of the Dashboard widget options from the dropdown
    • Click on 'Add to dashboard'
  6. To build your own widget;
    • Click on 'Create New'
    • Add in a widget title
    • Choose your record type from; Stakeholder, Interaction, Task
    • Choose the data that you would like to show in the widget
    • Select the Chart type to show the data 
    • A preview of the widget will show at the bottom of the side-draw
    • Click on 'Add to dashboard'
  7. Add a note to the report to give additional information on the charts, or relative information relating to your project. 
  8. The report can be emailed or printed via the icons in the top right hand corner of the page