Stakeholder Relationships

Relationships are a key part of stakeholder management, engagement, and consultation. Being able to map the relationships between stakeholder groups and individuals themselves is especially useful for situations where understanding and navigating hidden structures and complex relationships may be critical to the success or failure of your project.

Simply Stakeholders allows you to link Stakeholders with other Stakeholders and record the relationship they have with each other.

The ways in which we can link stakeholders are;

  • Individual to Individual - Used to display relationships such as Family, Neighbor, Spouse, Colleague etc
  • Organisation to Organisation - Used to display the relationships between Organisations such as Parent Company, Corporate Partnership etc
  • Individual to Organisation - Used to display/link the employees and their position within the Organisation
  • Organisation to Division - Used to display different divisions/departments within an Organisation 
  • Stakeholder to Property - Used to display the stakeholders relationship with the Property 

The relationship options need to be setup by an Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings
  2. Tracking & Data Organisation > Stakeholder Relationships
  3. Select the Record Type, either Individual or Organisation
  4. Input the New Relationship Name at the bottom of the page
  5. Click on Add