API (Application Programming Interface)

Simply Stakeholders has an Open API (Application Programming Interface) where you can easily integrate and manage data with other software.

API (Application Programming Interface)

The Simply Stakeholders API will receive data and send data if requested; it will not push out data or send requests for data. So you will need an integration, like Zapier, to manage the data transfer with your third-party software.

If the software platform you wish to integrate with does not have Zapier as an integration option, we suggest contacting that software provider to discuss the option to build or purchase a custom API Integration. Many software providers develop integrations for their products, so it is worth checking with them.

Simply Stakeholders generally does not build custom integrations, however, please get in touch with us if this is something you would like to discuss further.

If you would like access to our API documentation, please get in touch with your Customer Success team via support@darzin.com to discuss further.

API Overview 

  • The Simply Stakeholders API can provide access to everything you see on the user dashboard
  • The API allows external applications or programs to log in on behalf of a user, read data, and push data – such as saving stakeholders or interactions
  • The API does not actively push data out to external systems
  • API Documentation: there is basic documentation on authenticating with the API and creating stakeholders